How-To Make the Most Out of Your Fall 2017 Camping Trip (Affordable Camping Gear guide with tips/tricks)

The following is a list of the best tips/tricks and gear to make your camping trip stress-free and more affordable! I have compiled this list through years of camping and outdoors experience along with many mistakes made along the way. Don’t make the same mistakes I did! Following this how-to, affordable fall camping guide will surely help make the most out of your 2017 camping season. These tips will make your friends or family think you’re some sort of survival guru!

Camping Food


#1 Pack Enough Food To Last (The Whole Trip)

First and foremost is food. Now this may seem like a no-brainer, but can’t you recall a camping trip where you and your friends were left with another two days supply of food, and were planning on spending another week? And not just that, but realising after the fourth day that bringing only hot-dogs and marshmallows was actually not a great idea. Personally I have experienced this more times than I probably should have, and my fellow campers and I didn’t seem to learn from it until we hit rock bottom. I’m talking about the type of rock bottom where you can’t seem to catch any fish as per the plan, you’re out of bait, and you start to wonder what your friend tastes like well-done. So let me reiterate: Don’t be afraid to pack more than enough food. And non-perishables at that.

Survival Frog Pocket Stove.png

#2 Bring a Reliable Stove

Many will test their survival skills by camping without a stove. Relying on creating their own fire to cook or boil water. Often times people will lug a heavy barbecue which takes up precious room that could be used to pack those extra necessities like blankets, jackets, tools, etc. To make the most out of your fall camping trip you want to make life easy. Ever since I first decided to purchase and try the Survival Frog Pocket Stove, I have never failed to bring one on a camping trip.

This stove will not only eliminate the need to bring large quantities of fresh water, or propane tanks, but it will also keep your wallet completely intact. Spending 8$ on a lightweight portable stove is simply one of the best pieces of advice I could give any fellow campers. Check it out at this link!


#3 Don’t Forget a Fire-starter!

If you’re reading this you should have figured out by now that you’re going to need a stove to cook your food. But without some way to start a fire your stove is going to be completely useless! Luckily I can say I have never forgot to bring a pack of matches or a cigarette lighter on any camping trip. The problem with these is if you or your stuff ends up getting soaked, which i’m sure we’ve all experienced. (i.e not putting the tent cover on properly, forgetting to pack everything away, assuming it won’t rain overnight, or dropping stuff in a lake/puddle) You may be left without any source of fire! Nobody wants to be in this situation, and with this FREE offer for an Everstryke Match, you will never have to worry about this again. A true life-saver and must-have piece of survival or camping equipment. And better yet, you can get this match for free by heading over to this link now! Why take the risk when you can instead be prepared for any situation.


#4 Flashlights!

When you’re out in the middle of the woods in the dark, it can start to get frightening! A campfire will not supply enough light and nobody wants to be left in the dark. I never leave for a camping trip without packing flashlights. But if you’re like me, you’re probably going to end up bringing a couple of flashlights only to find out the batteries are completely dead 😦 If you wan’t to get rid of that hassle, I suggest checking out the super cost-efficient pocket light. With this flashlight,  you’ll no longer have to worry about dead batteries. It’s completely solar-powered! And not only that; for those friends we all know and love (or hate) that can never be separated from their cellphones, the pocket light can charge any USB powered devices. What’s not to love about that! Yet another tip for stress-free, hassle-free fall camping. Check it out Here.


#5 Fresh, Clean Water Wherever, Whenever. AquaStiq

This is the single most important thing we all need everyday. If you happen to run out while in the wilderness, let’s just say you’re pretty much screwed. Unless you happen to have an AquaStiq. With this little tool you will never even have to worry about bringing fresh water. If you are within a reasonable distance of any lake, river, or even a mud puddle (no, seriously) the AquaStiq will filter the water for you instantly and produce fresh, clean, drinking water. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself Here.


By this point you are pretty much a survivalist and camping guru. Do what I do to make the most of your camping trips without breaking the bank whatsoever. Happy Camping!


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